Rain Nutrition Reviews – Will ‘Soul’ and ‘Rush’ Help You Succeed in the Energy Drink Market?

Rain Nutrition offers two primary products, soul and rush. The energy drink market has become a great market for all those wishing to build a business and sell these kinds of products. Having been in the network marketing industry for years now, I’ve seen some patterns emerge when it comes to success or failure from a company. The reviews I’ve read are somewhat biased, and don’t cover the essential components one should look at when researching a company. There are 3 main things to look at when deciding to join a company: the leaders, the product, and the training received.

From what I’ve researched, and talked to business partners as well as industry experts, there is no doubt that the leadership in this company is strong. This is one of the determining factors that help companies grow in the network marketing industry. The second most important factor I look for is the product.

Rain nutrition is bringing two products that have potential to do very well in the market. ‘Soul’ will be competing in the health and wellness market, while ‘Rush’ will be competing in the energy drink market. Their proprietary blends help the drinks stand out in the competitive market. With these two factors being positive, it’s no surprise that I spent time researching the company.

This leaves me to the third factor that can determine your success. The entrepreneurial and marketing training you receive. Most network marketers fail because they have not taken the time to get the necessary skills required to market their products or their business. If Rain Nutrition can provide excellent training to help their reps market their products, then I have no doubt that this company will stay in business and emerge as a leader.

I will definitely keep an eye out to see the growth of this company and welcome more successful network marketers who decide to pursue a career in this industry.

Rain Nutrition Review – Is Rain Nutrition A Good Opportunity Or A Waste Of Time?

Rain Nutrition is a direct-selling company in the health and wellness industry. They are one of many companies jumping on the nutrition bandwagon, and trying to take advantage of the superfruits that are becoming the height of fashion. But do its products have enough to make them stand out from the crowd, or are they just another boring nutrition company?

Rain Nutrition – The Good Bits…

Rain Nutrition’s products all have cool names like Soul, Rush, Storm, Pure, Vapor and Thrive. They come in ultra-modern packaging that reflects their status as the cool kids on the block in the nutrition world. It is clear that Rain Nutrition is trying to appeal to a young, fresh market, and they are doing a good job.

Soul is packed full of antioxidants, Rush is an energy booster, Storm is for rehydration, Pure helps with digestion, Vapor helps with general wellness, and Thrive helps with weight-loss.

The products seem attractive and appealing and are likely to be popular. If you use the products and enjoy them then you can also sign up to be a Distributor, which allows you to build a business selling the products to others.

The main ways to make money with Rain Nutrition are by the commissions you get from selling it to others, and various bonuses based on the sales made by people you personally add into the business. This means that if you want to make the most of the opportunity then you need to know the best way to sell as many products as you can, and to regularly add people into the business who are able to do the same.

What They Don’t Tell You…

Traditionally, this would be done by pitching the business to your friends and family, or by going around your neighborhood handing out flyers and business cards, or cold-calling at people’s doors. This technique has never really been successful, and it is only becoming less effective as people become busier and more sceptical of direct-sellers.

In order to grow a big business and succeed in network marketing in the 21st century you need to take a different approach. You need to learn the art and science of target marketing, which teaches you to identify groups of people who will benefit the most from your products, and learn how to market your business so that these people find you online.

The techniques are really quite simple and cheap to implement, so it is very surprising that more companies aren’t teaching them. Nevertheless, target marketing is proven to work time and again, and is without doubt the future of network marketing. In a few years this will be the ONLY way to do MLM, and if you get in early and learn the skills before anybody else you will be in an excellent position to start making more money than you ever dreamed possible.

If you would like to find out more about the art and science of “target marketing”, and how it can explode your Rain Nutrition business, see the Rain Nutrition Success Maker